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about nineteen21

A Subscription Based Loyalty Programme for Students

Based in Botswana, Nineteen21 presents a subscription based Loyalty programme that is designed to create affordable and convenient access to retail, entertainment, convenience services and social spaces for its subscribers. Nineteen21 has carefully researched and identified the most desired service providers in Botswana and offered partnerships with them to provide a value offering to varsity and college students.

The company aims to create an ecosystem of establishments and service providers which will create an enhanced lifestyle experience for its members. Members will not only receive privileges from participating service providers but will consistently receive vital and useful, targeted information through our website, direct messaging and social media.

Our #nineteen21 #studentlifestyle card works on presentation to the participating outlets, establishments and service providers. We do not run a points based system nor do we load any cash onto our membership cards. Our cards have an active QR code that verifies validity through a scanner App that is provided to our business partners/service providers. Simply submit your card on entry or at point of sale and your discounts packages will be awarded to you.

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